Maxpatch Studio ORC Week 4: DIY progress

It’s Week 4 of the One Room Challenge—how did that happen? Then again, next week is May so time is flying by in all directions. My goal this week is to complete the DIY floral wall hanging for my client’s nursery. Last night I sat down with will and determination to strategize. Let’s just say things are always so much easier in your head. After a few finger pricks with a needle, some super-glued appendages, and a bit of cursing, I finally cracked a method. When finished, the hanging will have somewhere between 15-18 strands of florals in various shades of cream, pink, and green.

DIY nursery wall hanging.JPG

What you will need:

  • A 36” dowel rod—I’m using a ⅜” diameter and I painted it the same color as the walls: Benjamin Moore Rose Accent

  • Assorted faux floral—I selected several varieties during Hobby Lobby’s 50% off floral sale (which is going on now), these stems are made from a soft-touch foam but look similar to a paper flower, which will add nice texture to the wall hanging

  • Beading thread or equivalent cord string—I’m using something similar to this

  • Sewing needle

  • Floral tape

  • Super glue (inevitably, some of your floral pieces may come apart when you cut them off the stem—I used super glue to gently glue them back together)


  • Separate the flowers from the stems—maintain a small part of the stem to keep the flower intact (you can use the leaves too for added greenery)

  • Measure and cut each piece of thread to about 36” in length—you’ll need some extra length to attach to the dowel rod. You can trim any unwanted length at the end once all the strands are in place and attached to the dowel rod. I’m aiming for each strand to be ~26-28” long

DIY floral wall hanging 2.JPG
  • Attach a sewing needle to end of your thread and gently thread each of the individual flowers to create a single strand—I placed the flowers every 2” but you can adjust the spacing accordingly

I used the same flowers to complete a single strand

I used the same flowers to complete a single strand

Use a sewing needle to thread flowers 2” apart

Use a sewing needle to thread flowers 2” apart

  • Once you have all the strands complete, lay them out in the order you would like and attach to the dowel rod by creating a secure knot

  • To hang on the wall, I drilled a small hole through each end of the dowel rod and used the same beading thread to create the hanger. I added a small bead to both ends and knotted the string below the bead to keep it in place (the bead is optional, you could just as easily knot the string at the base of the hole)

  • Add a nail to the wall and hang at your desired height, voila! (PS: you’ll have to wait for the full reveal of my DIY in Week 6)

For more design goodness, check the One Room Challenge website  for updates from all participants!  

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