Maxpatch Studio ORC Week 5: quick update

I made it to week 5 of the One Room Challenge, woohoo! (giving myself a little pat on the back)

It’s the home stretch and I’m anxious to see all the amazing room reveals next week. The stomach bug hit our house this past weekend so I didn’t get nearly as much checked off my to-do list. But the curtains and bookshelves are hung, the wall hooks and wall art are up. Thanks to my husband! I joke that we could become another husband and wife design team, to which he immediately scoffed, lol. But he has gotten quite handy over the years and is endlessly patient with my requests to swap light fixtures and hang gallery walls ;)

nursery bookshelves.jpg
nursery books.jpg
butterfly nursery art.JPG

All that is left to finish is to move in the crib, rug, and dresser, put some finishing details on my DIY wall hanging, and style out the space with accessories—accent rug, blanket, pillow, baskets, books, lighting, etc. Styling for photos is one of my favorite days of the entire design process. I love seeing every detail come to life. I know the styled shot doesn’t truly represent how a space looks on most days, but it’s fun to be aspirational for a few days (or weeks!) until that new baby shows up, don’t you think?

I cannot wait to share my client’s floral inspired nursery next week—which I need to remind you, was designed and installed with a budget under $1K. You can have that nursery of your dreams without breaking the bank, but it can take some clever internet sleuthing to find quality items at a decent price. I’ll share all the sources next week. In the meantime, if you need nursery ideas, check out my Pinterest boards for little rooms, accessories, storage solutions, and artwork!

For updates from fellow participating designers, head to the One Room Challenge website!

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